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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  September 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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destroy them. buu you might want to think twice because ow scientists are working with roaches... to help them rescue you. &pyou.doctors and electrical engineering students at north carolina state university have been installing circuit boards and micro-controllers on madagascar hissing cockroaches. steer the roach along a chosen path by applying a tiny electrical current to the antennas. the researchers are using roaches because they can fit where dogs and people can't fit when trying to rescue a human buried under rubble. (cloyd))"yoo know it's not right. we need them to take care of us, not to intimidate us." us." disturbing accusations against a baltimore paramedic. information tonight about why he's facing phaages.
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phhllo i'm jennifer gilbert. and i'm jeff barnd. baand.a... baltimore... paramedic.../ suspended... áwithoutá... pay.../ after... he's.. charged with... assaulting... a patient...//. aad tonight charging documents reveal disturbing details about what led to his arrest. john rydell... live... at... city... fire &pheadquarters.../ with... new information... on that investigation...johh.... áshaun whiteá was arrested friday...he's been charged with two countss..of second degree assault....of a female patient. 3 at morrell park apartments... in southwestbaltimmre... neighbors...are reacting. they've hearr...that a female resident...was aalegedly a paramedic. 31-year old shaun woman...who was "intoxicated." he's now harged with two counts...of aasault. (johnson) of this because very seldom do you hear of parameeics doing stuff like that."(cloyd) "you know it's not right. we need them to take care of us, not to intimidatt us."accordinn to vidieo ...of the incident. is residents believe it came from
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system. it allegedly shows white...ramming the patient onto the a forcefuu...and "in- approrpiate" manner. the video...also shows white... slapping ...the patient in the face...and grabbing the back. the head...of he union representing verr upset &pwith the suspension of that still under investigation, why is my memberrin jail? no way, he's sworn to protect the citizens of baltimore, not go to jail. this is crap."fire department officials...will only say they've launched...a (cartright) "what when where why how and it will certainly have to go through the judicial system anddwe as well we continue ours and at some point in the future we will be making a final determination neighbors...of the alleged victim...the allegations...are disturbing. (cloyd) "what you going to do when you get ready to call a paaamedic now, you know you're going to bee hesitant whether they're going the parrmedic is suspended without pay...until this
11:03 pm completed. live at fire headquarters, john rydell...fox45 news late edition. 3 first on fox...a deadly shooting caught on camera and its ne of mmre than a hundred unsolved murders in baltimore city this year. this is south baltimore a little before 11 o'clock the night of august 21st. if you look closelyyyou can see a man crossing the street... walking towards 19 year old lovell spencer.. within seconds you they're fired. spencer then runs off. in less than an hour....he is prounounced dead at shock trauma. despite this evideece that was turned over aad unsolved murder. 1:54:18 joy at the end of the day we could put a police car in every single driveway in balitmore :21 but unless houses and talk with petectives and give us this information we're not going to be able to keep this city safe :25 out of the 151 people murdered this year..... detectives have only closed 31 percent of those cases.
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sources within the department tell me that the incoming policc commissionee anthony battshas made closing more cases a top priority. fox45 has teamed up with the most popular crime mapping wwbsite on the internet "spotcrime" tracks criminal activity in your neighborhood. you can also get emails when crime happens.sign up by going to our website... fox- baltimore dot com...and click on "spotcrime" in the "hot topics" section at the top of the screen 3 new tonight... natural resources police say 10 people were ordered off a boat in the chesapeake bay this weekend.the reason....officers believed no one on board was sober enough to operate the vessel. dnr police say the the 36-foot sea ray got stuck on a rock piliing near the center of the bay bridge. everyone on board was taken to sandy point state park.the operator was charged with drunk boating. sooe maryland animal shelters say they're seeing more pit bulls abandoned..... after a recent maryland court ruling called the breed inherently dangerous.
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workers at the maryland spca, say since the ruling, they've received several phone calls from concerned pet owners.. and a number of pit bulll dropped off.. left to find new homes. animals, they of a ccurt ruling. 3 (drake) "no, it's absolutely unfair to target any particular breed of dog. it has much more to do with how the dogs areecared for than any breed. it has much more to doowith how the dogs are cared for than any breed. you know, 10 years ago, rottweilers were targeted, beforr that it was german shepa" shepards." meanwhile, the to finn people to adopt the dogs. bridget wiley pnd her two sons say they love the breed.. despite he reputation and ruling. &pand with that.. a ppt named "daisy" gets a new home. the baltimore city schoolss c-e-o is taking steps to re- evaluate test scores in the wake of allegations involving a cheating scanddl. the caveon company is being paid 275-thousand dollars to examine test scores from 2009 and 2010. but the president of the principal's union says
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it is a waste of money. (union)"thats all this is is a blatant witchhunt to soothe the ceo's ego"(alonso)"its not going to go away when they are calling meenames.. its only going to go away when we can say without a shadow of a doubt everyone is clean" clean" no word yet onn how long it will take the caveon company to analyze the test scores from 88 thousand students in the city school system. that brings us to our question of the day.does the city school system need to hire an outside company to check for cheating on standardized tests? 3 most of you who responded on our facebook page tonight say "no". the state mosquito control... has delayed a second round of spraying in pikesville. pikesville.earlier this month, crews sprayed a community near milford mill road where there's a confirmed case of wwst ile.they'll return too spray the area again on september 24th and october 1st. pesidents arr advised to stay indoors during tte spraying.
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there have been 13 cases of west nile in maryland this year... one deadly. it looks like gas prices went up a nickel a gallon last week. week.the national average price for a gallon of regular gas is now three-dollars and in maryland... pt's a little lower at three-dollars 80-cents.but that's up 2 cents from last week.... and 11 cents from last month. this time last year, we were paying 3 dollars and 53-cents for a gallon of gas....the less-expensive winter blend of gas......and reeineries coming back online after hurricane isaac...should start to push prices doww fox45's pump patrol is always looking for the owest gas prices in the region. find the best price in your neighborhood at fox paltimore dot com. &p3 bad day for a monsterous robbbr in north carolina. carolina. police say the man wanted in several convenience store robberies is now ehind bars. police believed áeric
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orrá used the rankenstein mask to pull off 4 robberies in 90-minutes last week. officials say he cciss-crossed the area snntching cash and cigarettes. good day for couples renewing their wedding vows. more than 5-hundred couples celebrated everlasting love today in a huge marriage renewal ceremony in texas. a special mass in houston honored husbands and wives marking their 25-th and 50-th anniversaries.....hats a lot of peoole kissing and saying i do all over again. bad day for a reporter who couldn't seem to get on this baby's good side. ádan daruá was covering a fall festival in colorado and tried to check on ádrew the farm kidá to see how the festival was going for's hat he had to say.
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"how ya doing there palie. right now he cant say anything right now but you know what he's saying right now? e-e-e- equals m-c sqared. get the camera out my face. i'll take this cantaloupe. oh, oh dan dont make him cryy i'd make a lousy politician." politician."little drew did stop crying... once daddy picked him up and ensured him that everything was ok. brace yourself for some heavy r. rain. here'' chief meterologist vytas reiddwith his first look at the skywatch forecast.
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3 3 3 3 anti--merican protest continue around the woold. how social 3 tragedy strikes on a trip home from a religious nearly a dozen members of a tennessee church became victims of a deadly accident.
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its the one year anniversary of occupy wall street. what protesters around the world did to commemorate.
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anti-aaerican protests continue around the world.... and as rick leveethal reporters demonstrators say they are still annry over a film critical of the muslim prophet mohammed -------------------------------- ------------- in ---- lebanon, thousands eeding the call from a powerful militant group..... beginning a week long protest of a film criticcl of islam's prophet, the film called "innocence of muslims." the leader of hezbollah making a rarr public appearance... firing up the crowd. ((nats: hezbollah leader sayyed hasan nasrallah shouting)) in pakistan, hundrrds targeted the -s consulate in lahore. demonstrators trying to scale the metal ate.... &psetting the american flag on - fire. police came out swinging, breaking up the crowd, beating back protesters with sticks. iqbal says: "we are condemning this anti-muslim film throughhthis
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government that all the consulate and embassy diplomats hould be sent back to the u.s." the pakistani prime minister ordering the suspension f youtube in the country... so that the quote: "blasphemous" video could not bb viewed. in germany, officials are divided.... over whether or not to ban a public screening of the anti-islam movie planned in berlin by the far-right pro-germany party. question of guaranteeing puulic safety and order here in germany, but also of maintaining good international relations with the arab world." oezdemir says: "i believe that (any) religion needs to tolerate criticism and what started as peaceful demonstrations in afghanistan, heating up... wwth university students burnnng the american flag and burning images of president obama. leventhal says: "and in ramallah, organizers say their goal iss for the entire wwrld to condemn the offensive film. in jerusalem, rick leventhal, fox newss" 3 p deadly accident kills two people and injures
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nearly a dozen others in tennessee. police say a ccevy blazer crashed nto a van carrying church members sunday morning.. they were on their way back o tennessee from a weekend retreat. victims range in age from from 13 to 22-years-old. ------nats of people chanting--- chanting-----it's the one year anniversary of occupy wall 3 street...and protests and demonssrations are planned in 30 cities across the world. a few hundred people gathered in new york's financial district this morning, where it all began oneeyear ago today. earlier,,protesters tried to get on wall street to form a human . officials say they arrested more than 100 protesters aroonn the city today...mootly for disorderly conduct. no protest in baltimore today... but one is planned for next month. big changes on the way with our weather. wwather. ere's vytas.
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this may look funny, but its no joke to some intense competitors.the secret to being a expert pole climber. and parents can now be everywhere their teenare.. the new service allowssmon or ddd to áspyá on their kids.
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????? dad look, you can get eggs,
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bacon and pancakes for $4. umm. in my day, you get eggs, bacon and pancakes, and it only cost you $4. the $4 everyday value slam. one of 4 tasty choices for $4 off the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. a town in argentina is using cameras... o spy on teens.'s parttof a project called the "night prevention plan"... and is a way for parents to monitor their teens at night. parents would haae to register... to be allowed access to a vast cameras... including views of ennrances and exits to barr and night clubs. parents say the project is about teen safety. the night prevention plan is in a 6-week trial period. this may look a little goofy
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but its a serious sporr. england crowned a new kkng this the sport of pole climbing. the country held its pole climbing world chhmpionship.the sport is drawing everrone from foresters to tree surgeons...and it's not as easy as it looks. "to be a good pole climber it takes a lot of speed in the legs. got toobe phyyically fit, certainly can't be afraid of heights. physically very strong, upper body strength very important. powerful legs to be able to get thh power prom your legs to propel yourself up that 80 foot timber pole.'' pole.''competitive pole climbing stems back about 20- years...growing out of the lumberjack trade. 3 forget predicting the presidential race with polls. how onn bakery has found a tastier way. 3
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some ... are... keeping track... of the... presidential race... by numbers.. &pwhile others are keeping trac in ácookie salesá ábusken bakeryá in ohioo debuted its presidential campaign cookies this weekend. customers can choose the president obama or mitt romney cookie. each cookie purchased
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equals one vote. the store plans to keep track of the cookie poll at all 11 stores in the swing state. back in 20-08 the cookie campaign poll accurately predicted president obama as the winner. toss to wx wx 3 3
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the nfl's replacement refs are becomingga distraction after two weeks...why ray lewis says the time to resolve the situation is inn sports unlimited... 3 3 3 when you first got internet at home you probably had one thing online. but today, everything's online. in a few years, the number of devices in your home will double
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and what we are doing online takes internet speed, not every network can handle it, verizon fios is 100% fiber optic so it's faster and can handle it. and now there's revolutionary fios quantum speed, more than twice as fast as anything this country has ever seen. to get your family up to speed with fios quantum -- call the verizon center for customers with disabilities go to at 800.974.6006 tty/v. but it isn't always easy to find with fione...ntum -- call the verizon center for customers with disabilities anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. here's bruce with sports unlim.
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unlimited. 3 orioles begin their final 3 games on the west coast of the season...the birds in seattle just one game behind the dle yankees...they got off the a fast start tonigh. tonight...first batter of the game...nate mclouth laser shot to right...into the seats for the leadoff dinger...his 4th... in the first....they keep their foot on the pedal in the
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2nd...up 6-0...mark reynolds scorches it down the 3rd base line...adam jones scores... orioles chase hector noesi after one and a third...right now they lead 9-1 in the 4th.. pfter going thru the pre-season and the first weee of the rrgular season witt minimal problems,it all exploded yesterray in the nfl...the replacement referees are becoming a very big problem, problem,, at least five games...the ravens-eagles one included were affected by dubious calls is the hottestg topic right now in the sporting world..the nfl locked out the regular referees in the issue is the refs demand forpension benefits..the owners don't want to give pensions to part- time employees..and that's where it stands, deadlocked. meantime, the players are losing their patience..even the superstars... "there are calll that the regular refs, if they were here, we knew the way calls would be made. for the conversation to be had the way they have been on the sideline
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were here that call woull've been made.' that shouldn't case but it is around the the - league. so we have to deal with it. these are things that are happening when you're looking at the films and you're looking at the game saying, 'wow, how can you call that pass interference? how can you not call that? it's just different things and it's nothing about them per say. we're not directly attackinn them but we are saying we need &pthe guys that do their regula job. the time is now. how much longer are we going to keep going through this whole process." there will be a bit of nostalgia on display next thursday nighttwhen the ravees host the browns...running back jamal lewis will bne the 7th raven to be inducted into the ravens ring of honor..a first round pick in 2000, lewis won a suuer bowl his rookie yeaa and wound up as the ravens' alltime leading rusher with over 78-hundred yards..he lso leads in touchdowns with 45... and now he'll take his place 3mong téhe teamms immortals...
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it's now time to announce the candidates in our high school game of the week conteet...brought to you byy varsity sports network dot com.. com... pere's this week's slate of games for friday september 21st...catonsville at franklin in football...edmondson and poly on the grid iron...john parroll meets c. milton wright in girls soccer...and mount de saaes visits arundel in volleyball... that'll dd it for this edition of sports unlimited...i'm bruce cunningham...goodnight [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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